Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tidying up the Fabric Stash

A while ago, I saw this really neat idea on someone's blog which made her fabric stash look really tidy. I've been keeping my fabric stash in a big plastic tub but had moved it to my 'quilting shelves'. I wasn't happy though as it just looked really messy.....

(is it just me, or does that shelf looks like it's bowed???)

She had used sheets of plastic cardboard (can't remember the name of the stuff but you get it from hardware stores) to wrap her fabric around and stack it neatly. I found her by clicking on a link from someone's blog, and naturally I can't find it again to give her credit but I gave it a go and this is the result (although I got bored and haven't finished yet).


It certainly looks a lot tidier but I'm in 2 minds as to whether it's worth it. I guess once it's done, it will be quick & easy to maintain.

And here's a sneak peak at the Indigenous Quilt.....just have to stitch the binding down and it is done. A few puckers on the back where I didn't stretch the backing enough, but I have to remember that only *I* see the imperfections....I hope....

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