Sunday, September 7, 2014

Thank you Ms P, Ms S and Ms D.

My Miss R does not enjoy school. Her learning disabilities makes it difficult and tiring for her. Over the years that she has been at this school (11 years in all), I can count on one hand the number of teachers that seem to truly "get" her and go out of their way to help her achieve. Way back in Year 1 and 2, I didn't know how to quilt so that teacher missed out (although I probably still have time to make her one!!). Two quilts were gifted in Year 8 - one to the Maths teacher (as that was when Maths FINALLY seemed to click for her) and the other for the Science teacher (not because Miss R did brilliantly in Science, more that the Science teacher seemed to genuinely care how she went).

Last year was a really frustrating year and I came home from Learning Reviews in the first semester vowing that no teacher deserved a quilt. (Imagine the Soup Nazi episode from Seinfeld...NO QUILTS FOR YOU!!) I didn't even bother with Learning Reviews in the second semester.

But this year has been a good year for Miss R. Normally the wheels would have fallen off by this point of the school year and they haven't. Learning Reviews have been really positive and while we're still sorting out subject choices for Year 11, I think we have a pretty clear picture of where she's going. I'm also pretty sure she'll do Year 12 over 2 years, making her the oldest graduate the school has ever seen....

And there have been THREE teachers that deserve quilts this year. Well technically 2 teachers and the SSO. The SSO (Ms S) has been giving Miss R extra support on and off since Reception (she moved from the junior school to the middle school at one point and R has continued seeing her this year despite being in the Senior School). Not sure if she'll be assisting again next year but I definitely think she needed to be rewarded for her patience.

This would have to be one of my all-time favourite quilts. The pattern is called Sparkling Gemstones and I also used it as the basis for the Vespa quilt for Mr G. Done in all blue tones, it just looks fantastic and I think I'll definitely make it again one day. Quite large too - you can see I couldn't fit it on the clothes line without it dragging on the ground - at 60" x 72". Used a few of the left over blocks on the back.

This quilt is for her Care Group teacher who also takes her for History, PLP and Religion. I'm really hoping that she also gets her in Year 12 for Research Project. I'd already pieced the quilt at the beginning of the year, just because I like the colour scheme and then months later I asked Miss R to quietly suss out the teachers for their fave colours. Turned out Ms P likes yellow and fortuitous!! This one measures 65" x 65" and the pattern is called something like Fruit Salad. I used an Ikea fabric for the back that I bought ages ago but have since realised that home decor weight is not such a great idea for quilt backs. Plenty of unpicking went on here.

And finally, I'd pieced this using a couple of Kate Spain charm packs and I had it to sell at a market stall (that never eventuated). Then I went to Learning Reviews and was so impressed by the English teacher that I earmarked it for Ms D. She is new to the school and I even went so far as to email the Principal about her. I have never seen Miss R enthused about English E.V.E.R. but she was just so enthused and animated about the! Fancy loving Shakespeare!!

NB. I've decided that I much prefer straight line quilting too. I stipple too closely and it makes the quilt too stiff IMHO....the cross hatched quilts feel much softer.