Friday, October 14, 2011

Secret Santa

Yes I know it's a little early but my thoughts this morning have turned to Christmas already. I was thinking about the projects I have to finish by Dec 25 you see. I work in a team of 8 people, and 5 of us have school aged children. Only 2 can be on leave at the same time, so you can imagine that the school holidays are hotly contested! This year I got totally discouraged over the typical bunfight (it never seemed to be this difficult in the other team....much better communication, you knew what your team members had planned and there was always a bit of give and take) so I offered to work 3 full days (rather than 5 short days) each week, take 1 day as flex and the other as annual leave. I'll be doing this from early Dec to end Jan, although I do have the days between Xmas & New Year off as well. So I realised this morning that this means that I'll be working on Xmas Eve (which I haven't done for years and years and years) and so will be guilted into participating in the Secret Santa exchange.

So, I'm on the lookout for a simple project that I can make that won't be too geeky or home-made. I was thinking of a "Mug Rug" (mainly because I really don't see the point of them, so it will be a little geeky chic, maybe???) or maybe one of these Fabric Trays to sit on the desk and hold pencils. I don't know who the recipient will be, so it will have to be gender neutral (even though more girls than guys). So if you see a cute & easy project that you think is suitable, send it my way please. Otherwise I'll be gift wrapping a box of Ferroro Rochers on Dec 23rd.....


  1. I used to hate that "I have kids and need leave" bunfight too and when I was a manager it was always me who came in on those annoying odd days like 27th Dec to work in a dead office.

    My Secret Santas were very boring but hopefully inoffensive and liked by most people - chocolate!

  2. Do you work where I work ??? We have the same rules around annual leave and some people take the entire school holidays off every year.

    I did mug rugs for my team of 8 last year. They went down really well and everyone has them on their work desks.

    Im up to my eyeballs doing fabric baskets at the moment but I don't think they would appeal to a guy so much.

    I hate Secret Santa at work. It's just too stressful!