Monday, October 10, 2011

School Holidays

Where does the time go? Into the second week of school holidays already. Mr G stayed home with Miss R last week and from what I can gather, they had a particularly lazy week. I've been home with her today and how fast did the day zip by?? A day at work never goes this quickly.

Yesterday I took Miss R and 2 girlfriends to see Monte Carlo at the movies. The blonde girl really reminded me of a young Toni Collette (and I've just realised that her father is David!). Selena Gomez....meh..... but the girls seemed to enjoy it and let's face it, I'm not the target audience. (We've also been to see Footloose and that was much, much better....)

Today we managed to get to Ikea where we had lunch but they no longer serve hollandaise sauce with the salmon so I doubt I'll ever eat there again - save my money and just get the $1 hotdogs instead. I also took Miss R to a local beautician to get her eyebrows waxed and decided to get mine done as well. First time I have ever had them done professionally, and for $5....maybe not the last. I also managed to mop the floors and have marked quilting lines on the Indigenous quilt and right now, am trying to find enough motivation to go cook dinner. Time wasting on the computer sounds like a lot more fun though.

And finally, the holiday house is going really, really well so far. We've had 3 groups stay and all have given us some really lovely comments about the house and presentation. Each has left the house in good/great condition but it's taking about 2hrs to clean & tidy ready for the next guests. (I'm possibly being too fastidious.) I think we're going to have to hire a cleaner after all - maybe just do it ourselves once a month to make sure it's up to scratch. For Oct - Jan, we're averaging about a 48% occupancy, which I know won't last over the winter months, but I can dream, can't I??

Was going to add a picture here, but for some reason I can't get it to upload....

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