Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2 Quilts almost finished - photos soon

One I had professionally quilted and it has turned out just stunning! I'm so pleased and wish I could afford to have them ALL done professionally. I just have to add the binding and then I'll take some pics.

The Musical Quilt is also nearly done, I'm just machine stitching the binding. This one has been a bit of a handful....I'll be pleased when it's done and dusted!!

Progress on the Indigenous Quilt has stopped while I wait for a parcel from the US. It's been around a month now and I'm getting impatient. One parcel has arrived but naturally the fabric I'm waiting for is in the OTHER parcel.....

We're almost ready to go with the holiday house - this weekend coming will be our last opportunity to get it finished. Mr G spent last week down there getting all the last minute things done - including installing a dishwasher - but naturally a problem cropped up which took longer to resolve than expected (and more $$) so I'll be doing some last minute painting on Sat. Hopefully Sun will be devoted to cleaning and tidying inside and out - have to get rid of all the cobwebs as that's my pet hate at holiday rentals!! We have our first booking going in on October 1, and these school hols (as well as January) are pretty much completely booked.

Will update with photos sometime soon.....well, in the next month or so.  :-)