Monday, November 7, 2011


I had a lovely day yesterday at the Quilt Fair with Theresa and Clare. I bought some fat quarters for my beach themed quilt I'll be making for the holiday house, some new blades and enjoyed checking out the quilts on display. I was quite keen to look at handbag patterns as I have a bit of a handbag fetish and it would be nice to whip up a handbag to match an outfit, as well as great for Christmas presents. So I looked at a few different stalls and bought 2 different patterns.

I wanted to get all I needed from the first stall so I could go home and get started but she had sold out of the important stuff - the bag wadding and the clasp - but I could order it online. Great, just have to add postage. The next one I bought, I decided to buy as the kit, so I knew that everything I needed was included. I also made a point of asking whether the instructions were easy to follow as I can sew, but had never made a handbag before. I needed to buy the wadding seperately but assumed that everything else was there so I could rush home and get that bag started!!

However, I found that I needed fusible webbing, which wasn't included. And the instructions are dreadful - no pictures to show the steps involved. I do know how to read and follow a pattern, but I've had to read each step over and over to try and work out what needs to be done, and I'm convinced that steps are missing. Trying to work out how to attach the base has me quite baffled, as nowhere does it indicate how it gets turned right side out. I've given up and am making it up as I go along! Haven't quite worked out how to attach the lining yet but I'll cobble something together.

So all in all, I'm feeling terribly ripped off....and I can't even show you a picture of progress to date as I'm STILL having trouble uploading pictures to Blogger!