Tuesday, October 18, 2011

School Reunion

I have my school reunion coming up next month - 30 years since I did Year 12 (or Matric as it was known then). I've been to reunions in the past, but I really don't keep in touch with any old school friends, apart from the occasional comment on Facebook. So I think I will ignore this one.....it was interesting to see what people were doing after 10 years but I can't really sustain the interest after 30 years.

Have you been to a school reunion? Was once enough?

(Funny story - I was chatting with R's psychologist about the social side of school life, and commented about a couple of girls I went to school with who completely intimidated me. Now, the psychologist is completely cool and together and the last person I would imagine being intimidated by anyone, but she confessed that there was a mother at her kid's school that she found completely intimidating - until she had to work with her on a committee and found she wasn't as bad as she thought. The mother? One of the aforementioned girls I went to school with!!)


  1. Now you HAVE to go the reunion....forewarned is forearmed!

  2. I was hassled to go to our 15th school renunion back in 2000 but, like you, I wasn't interested. I've kept in touch with those I wanted to keep in touch with; have heard 'news' of those I was vaguely interested in and for those 'Cool Girls' that arranged the reunion and were never my friends in the first place, I couldn't have cared less!