Friday, October 28, 2011

The Face of Misery

Poor old Anzac had a trip to the vet today. And the poor old Visa hasn't recovered yet either. But at least the Visa card doesn't have to have a bucket on its head for the NEXT 10 DAYS. Once Anzac gets over the grogginess, he ain't gonna be happy.

We noticed a couple of days ago that he seemed to be licking his left paw a lot and when I finally got a chance to have a good look, I could see blood, so off we went to the vet. He'd ripped his dew claw, and as he'd done the same thing about 12 months ago (which also involved expensive surgery) the vet suggested we have them removed permanently. Anzac doesn't co-operate at the vet's - he's a very anxious dog and I have the bruised cheekbone to prove it - so he was booked in for today to have the works - both dew claws removed, vaccinations, teeth cleaned and nails clipped, all while under full anesthesia.

He only has one paw bandaged though as that one was oozing a little blood. The vet has used internal stitches so Anzac won't have to go back to have them removed BUT if he manages to pull them out, then it's back under the anesthesia to have them put back in. So the bucket stays ON!


  1. Poor Anzac. But it's for the greater good...

    Hope the visa recovers. We got quotes for dog teeth cleaning recently and I literally swooned when they told me how much .

  2. Ha! Shay, I forgot to mention that Neo had his vaccinations too - and he also needs to be booked in for teeth cleaning and possible extractions which will cost a similar amount. Fortunately they were very understanding when I put that off for a few months.....

    Ah, little dogs! Big dog personality in a small package but cost a small fortune to maintain.

  3. Poor little guy - I really feel for them because they trust us entirely and yet must wonder just why we make them wear those collars and allow strange men in scary buildings (ie the vet's) to insert things up their bottoms and then wake up in pain a few hours later. Hope your lovely fella feels better soon and leaves his stitches alone.