Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thinking of Tassie

I'm thinking we might plan a trip to Tasmania next year. I've never been and have always wanted to go. Only Virgin Blue fly direct from Adelaide these days, which begs the question, should we drive to Melb and get the boat over, or should we do the fly-drive thing? And which is the best time of year? I'm thinking April, but maybe September?

So many decisions....

Monday, July 26, 2010

Ow! Ow! Ow!

So yesterday afternoon, instead of a peaceful few hours of reading the paper and creating more of these....

I instead had to help Mr DIY build this....

and subsequently I can barely move today AND I have a blister on the palm of my right hand.

I think it would be cheaper to supplement the income of some strapping young uni student than pay for the physio I'm going to require over the next few days but at least we are one step closer to a finished yard.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Strangely addictive

While waiting for the fabric to turn up for the back of the Vespa quilt, I've started paper piecing my string quilt. How addictive is this??? Once I start, I can't stop until the whole block is done, and it's just amazing to watch this:

turn into this:

I've made about 18 blocks so far and am aiming for 48 in total (6 blocks x 8 blocks) but may just keep going....

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Quilting Updates.....

  • Have been busy churning out blocks for Mr G's vespa quilt
which have turned into this

  • Ordered a gorgeous quilt label for my cousin's Wedding Quilt from a delightful lady on Etsy
Quilt front and's absolutely huge! Measures 81" square - the largest quilt I've tackled so far.
    • Stocked up on Kona solids when Pink Chalk recently had cheap international postage and am planning a scrappy string quilt, something along these lines
    • Fabric Shack are also having cheap international postage until July 31 so managed to snag some more Tufted Tweets.
      • Blue courtyard steps is basted and ready for the quilting process. 

      Sunday, July 11, 2010

      Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

      Mr G was out the front doing some work on the storm water last weekend (yes, been here over 18mths and still haven't done the storm water properly. Poor dogs have had to learn to swim this winter!!) when I heard a car stop and voices. Peered out the window, didn't recognise the car but thought nothing of it as Mr G is the 'g'day guy' and complete strangers will often stop to talk.

      When I went outside later and asked him what it was about, he told me that these 2 guys had pulled up and asked when we were demolishing our house as "it was the ugliest house in the suburb". (I think there may have been a few expletives thrown in for good measure.)

      Now, not only was I gobsmacked that anyone would be so RUDE, I was also deeply offended that anyone could possibly think ours was the ugliest house.....I mean really, have they even LOOKED at all the nasty little units that have popped up in recent years??? Ugliest house....I don't think so!! Would love to know what they live in!

      (Unless of course they were referring to the unfinished fences and yard - then they might have a point. It is a little Steptoe & Sons.....)

      Sunday, July 4, 2010

      Oh the Cleverness of Me!

      See what I whipped up last night?

      This is one of those small ironing boards from Ikea. I've had it for years - bought well before Ikea came to Adelaide - but rarely used it as the foam wasn't very thick and it felt like I may as well just use the table instead. But I've decided it would be quite handy to use when quilting (sometimes the big ironing board obscures my view of the TV) so I bought new thick foam/wadding stuff, cut it to size and then attempted to put the original cover back on.....and the drawstring cord snapped! Bugga!

      Initially I just bought new cord from Spotlight, then realised it was a bit too thick to feed through the binding. Then I had a light bulb moment....I'll just make a new one!I'd bought this Amy Butler fabric online not realising that it was home decor weight rather than quilting, so it was perfect for this little job. Just had to make some new binding from Kona Ash, which matched perfectly and voila! A gorgeous little ironing board cover.

      Now off to make some blocks for the Vespa quilt so I have an excuse to use it....