Wednesday, November 7, 2012

To Blog or Not to Blog?

That really is the question.

You may have noticed that all my pics disappeared off my blog. At first I thought I'd been hacked or something sinister but after a few days/weeks of pondering I realised that it was because technology is much cleverer than I. Earlier this year I bought a new smartphone....a Samsung Galaxy Nexus S which is a Google phone. Which means it integrates all things Google. Which means that the photos I place on my blog are also saved into a file on my Google account....which also appears on my phone. But I didn't want this file taking up space on my phone so I deleted it....which subsequently deleted all the photos on my blog. Actually, I'm not sure if that makes technology smarter than me or a bit too Big Brother-ish.......

Anyway, after my photos all disappeared, I got terribly disheartened and couldn't be bothered putting them all back on. And now I'm pondering if I want to seems to make my finished quilting projects more "real" if I've blogged about them. Especially when I've given them away and may never see them least I can revisit them here. But I'm always so time poor; blogging just seems that extra "thing" I have to do.

Still debating.