Thursday, May 31, 2012

I'm Alive,

life is still busy and one day I'll get a few moments where I'm not too tired to string a sentence together.

I have had a couple of quilt finishes to share but haven't bothered getting photos yet. It's on the agenda for the weekend.

My mother has recovered and is currently cruising through Canada with my sister. I think Mum's recent hospital stay has made my sister a little nervous though....

Mr G's cousin is - hopefully - on the mend. That has been a complete rollercoaster ride with many prayers being said. Actually, not sure if I've mentioned this.....about 6wks ago, he contracted a streplicoccus infection - apparently the bacteria lives in all of us but if it enters your bloodstream - watch out! His wife was told 2-3 times to say goodbye; so many organs had failed with machines keeping him functioning that the doctors thought he couldn't possibly pull through. The news keep going from good to bad...latest is that he should be home by the end of the week but I think we're all still on tenterhooks. He'll be off work for months while he just isn't fair sometimes.

Homework continues to be a major issue for Miss R; her complete lack of organisational skills is letting her down badly. I'm meeting with the school and Catholic Ed next week to try and get an NEP; basically I want her to complete all assignments but not the incidental homework each week. The science teacher, for all the right reasons, is emailing me twice a week detailing all the Miss R hasn't completed and I'm feeling the pressure! Don't think it appropriate to scream "leave me alone!!!" It is affecting our relationship though - feel as if all I do is nag about homework and concentrate on the negative....none of us are happy! (Well, Miss R is very happy with the social side, just not the academic side!!)

Well my brief update has turned out quite lengthy but I have to dash now to get Miss R fed before she heads off to Scouts.....