Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas All!

Hope you all had a lovely day yesterday, celebrating with family and friends.

As we do every year, we spent the day at my mother's. Last year we started a new tradition, and we meet her for Church first. At 9am. It's about a 40min drive. So we don't get much of a sleep in.

It was a lovely day and naturally I took no photographs, despite actually remembering to take the camera with me. Miss R scored very well and was particularly rapt with the Justin Bieber book and the Justin Bieber cd that hasn't actually been released in Australia yet. Well done Auntie R and Auntie E!!

My sister seemed to like the quilt I made her, which was also much admired by my aunt, so I can see a new quilt recipient on my horizon.(I made the Wedding quilt for her daughter.) I asked what colours she liked and she said "maroon" - which could be a little tricky....

I was going to add a photo here, but I realise it's still in the camera, Miss R wants me to rip the cd's she got, and Mr G is champing at the bit to head off to Victor, so I'd better leave it here and get myself ready.

Enjoy the rest of your holidays!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's here! It's here!

Had to drive all the way out to Wingfield to collect it as I missed the courier yesterday. So far I've managed to wind the bobbin, do straight stitch, change feet and do the best free motion quilting I've ever managed before - worth the money just for that!! LOL

I suspect it will take me a long time to learn all the features of my "sewing computer" but will be picking the brains of the lovely Theresa. When are you doing your free lesson again????

Monday, December 20, 2010

Random Stuff

  • I'm on holidays for the next 2 weeks. I'll go back to work after New Year's for 4 days, then off for another week. This week is busy with car service, physio, hair and dental appointments but we've nothing planned after Christmas Day. Bliss......
  • Yesterday I was rather naughty and bought a secondhand Bernina Aurora 440QE on eBay. I paid a little  more than I wanted to, but it was still a bargain compared to new. I'm hoping there will be a cheque under the Christmas tree to help pay for it, but I will be selling off my Janome to help cover the cost.
  • I've been asked by a couple of workmates to make quilts so that will keep me busy for the next few weeks. One is for a baby girl - still plenty of pink in the stash! - and I'm not sure what the other will be yet. I've told them I'm happy for them to just pay for materials, but if they insist on paying me for my time, then I'll suggest they buy a gift certificate from either Pink Chalk Fabrics or Fabric Shack.
  • Miss R got her report today and I'm very happy with it. She's mainly C's and B's with a D for maths but she rated HIGH for effort in all but 2 subjects. That, to me, is more important than the grade.
  • We had friends over for a BBQ last night and because it was so windy and cold, we ended up rearranging the house to fit everyone inside instead. We like the new arrangement so much, I think we'll keep it. So the family area and the dining area will be swapping spaces - unfortunately not until we move the fridge into the kitchen area and it WILL mean a new couch but I think it will flow much better that way.
  • Am off for a nanna nap (ie pretending to read a book while I 'rest my eyes') and then to put the binding on the quilt for my sister for Xmas. Pics soon.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Update - Vegie Patch

Hard to believe Mr G planted the vegie patch only 3 weeks earlier......

Just to refresh your memory, here's before:


Thursday, December 9, 2010

School Pride....with a Touch of Envy

I was raised in a small community in the Adelaide Hills, known for growing apples and pears (although known as much for growing grapes these days). My mother's family came from England and settled there around 160 years ago, and many of the 'old' names are related to me in some way. I've always felt incredible pride that my family have such a long association with the area, and have always wanted to live there, but alas, I married someone who grew up at the beach and he finds the winters in the Hills too cold (wuss!!). Couple this with the fact that there is no subdivision as it's a water catchment area, so most properties come with a hefty price tag to go with the vast tracts of land.....anyway, it never happened. My younger brother bought a house up there a few years ago; he maintained his connections with the area even when living 'down on the plains' and is a member of the local cricket club, the CFS and is President of the School Council.

My mother has been heavily involved in the community for as long as I can remember. She started working as an SSO at the local school when I was in Year 5 - she and my younger brother started school on the same day. She retired 30+ years later, but has maintained ties with the school and even managed to hand her job over to her daughter-in-law. Still goes back to relieve every now and then and  I believe it is also mandatory that she hands out the prizes every Sports Day.

My family has had 4 generations attend this school - my grandparents both went there (you only married a local back in those days), my mother, my siblings and I, and my nephews. When I started in 1970, there were 2 classrooms - the Little Room was Years 1-3 and was taught by Mrs Chandler and the Big Room was Years 4-7 and was taught by Mr Chandler. That's the Little Room pictured. There was probably about 40-50 kids at the school. I have such fond memories of Primary School; there were 4 of us that went through from Yr 1 to Yr 7, but at one point we had 7 in our year level! Sure it was hard when there was only 1 other girl the same age, who was a total bitch AND was a distant relative but it also taught me the benefits of not holding a grudge, knowing when to stand up for yourself and when to let things slide and getting along with all age groups. I'm not sure if having your mother working at the school was an advantage or a disadvantage, but generally there was far more good than bad. The original school buildings were pulled down and a new school built in 1981/82.

Yesterday, the local school celebrated 100 years, and had organised a celebration involving an afternoon tea (2-5pm) followed by the traditional end of year concert (school parents only). Mum had done an enormous amount of work organising this and asked Miss R and I to come for the concert part. My nephew was graduating Year 7 and this would end our family's current association with the school (except for SIL still working there, of course). So we got there for the tail end of the public celebration which was a huge pity as I didn't get a chance to catch up with many people at all. While I had trouble recalling some names (faces were familiar), it seemed that everyone I spoke with knew exactly who I was! Seriously, have I not changed AT ALL since I left the school??? Apparently the family resemblance is strong.....

And this is where the touch of envy comes in. I always thought that MY children would go to that school. I'm a big believer in the benefits of small schools. I am happy with the school that we have chosen for Miss R; for an R-12 school, it is small and it does encourage a sense of community. But when I watched that concert last night, at how confident and articulate those kids were, at the ease that the 4 graduating Year 7's spoke about their school experiences, at how funny and theatrical my nephew was in the play celebrating 100 years of education at PPS, at the strong community spirit....I choked up and realised how much I miss being a part of that small community.

(See the tall man in the black? My grandfather. I didn't inherit his height.)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I've got ideas for blog posts running around my head

and I may get around to blogging some of them, but right now, I'm too tired and it's too hot. The bugs & flies have been bad lately, so we've had the bug zapper on, but Anzac the Neurotic Dog HATES it and barks at every single zap.Yes, Do you have any idea how annoying that is.....especially at 2am??? So today I am tired. But the neurotic dog gets to live another day.  :-)