Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Slow Sewing Week

as I've been suffering with a sinus infection over the past few days (weeks actually, but I initially thought it was hayfever). So while I've been keen to get some stitching done, the body hasn't co-operated and I've been falling asleep at ridiculous hours (ie if I sit in the same spot for longer than 5 mins). Having days off work are just not as much fun when you're too sick to enjoy them.  :-(

I have managed:
  • to put together a baby quilt for Clare's Retro Baby market stall, but if she doesn't want/need it, I'll hang on to it for my niece who dropped by unexpectedly on Fri night to reveal that she is expecting #2 in May.
  • my Port Power scrap vomit is almost done - just needs binding and the ends sewn in. I'm going to attempt that today while I catch up on some TV.
  • to check out some new patterns/inspiration for my next project. I was planning to do a Swoon quilt next with some lovely fabrics for Kate Spain's Terrain range but I just keep putting it off, which makes me think that I'm not overly keen and maybe I should just move on.....

Hope your sewing week was more productive.

1 comment:

  1. Once you do one Swoon you'll be hooked...go on...cut one out!Dare you...! Hope you're feeling better soon.