Sunday, February 5, 2012

Buying a new mobile phone

used to be so straightforward. Just open the box, pop in your SIM card, import your contacts and away you go! Personalise the ring tone and Bob's your uncle.  :-)

I just bought a new Android phone. I think that bloody Android is laughing at me.....


  1. Ive been putting this off too for the same reason. I dont want an android (or my daughter ) poking fun at me.

    However it is getting to the stage where a new phone is critical....

  2. But now you can blog frm your phone!

  3. If I had data on my pre-paid. Which I don't. I use the wi-fi at home, so may as blog from the laptop. :-)

    Seriously, it has taken me hours and I'm still not happy with the calendar (the main reason for upgrading). And cannot work out why my contacts saved 4 times. Grrr.

    Off to check for some apps.....

  4. I still have a very, very old phone. Just basic calls, photos (which I don't know how to use) and SMS (rarely). The new gear terrifies me!