Thursday, February 9, 2012

Extending the Stash

I've been very good lately about buying new fabric - having 2 mortgages will do that to you - but when Clare mentioned that she had bought some lovely fabric from Spotlight recently, I thought I would check it out. I was heading down to Victor on the weekend - it was Mr G's weekend to work and I somehow managed to offload Miss R overnight so I was ON MY OWN - so I dropped in at the store in Colonnades. Now, this is not my side of town, but I managed to find my way and not get lost and then had a lovely time browsing.

Some of the fabrics were down to $4/m, some $6/m and some were 30% off. Theresa would be pleased to  know that one of those prints is called Feedsack, and I have been more than happy to express my views on feedsack prints (not always complimentary LOL). And I liked that blue floral on the bottom there so much that I bought all that was left on the roll - not quite 2 metres. I tried to get some colours that I don't normally buy, so some lovely yellows and greys and there's also some from the new V&A collection. I've found Spotlight fabric to be a bit meh in the past but the quality has improved dramatically! In fact, looking at this little stash again has made me want to stock up some more....maybe while Miss R is at Scouts????


  1. Sounds like a bargain and as a completely non-sewer (who shall remain so), I do recall that Spotlight is one of my mother's favourite stores (she of the intensely clever sewing variety).

  2. I noticed we've both "stashed up " with some of the same fabrics. Those Spotlight bargain tables are the best !