Sunday, July 4, 2010

Oh the Cleverness of Me!

See what I whipped up last night?

This is one of those small ironing boards from Ikea. I've had it for years - bought well before Ikea came to Adelaide - but rarely used it as the foam wasn't very thick and it felt like I may as well just use the table instead. But I've decided it would be quite handy to use when quilting (sometimes the big ironing board obscures my view of the TV) so I bought new thick foam/wadding stuff, cut it to size and then attempted to put the original cover back on.....and the drawstring cord snapped! Bugga!

Initially I just bought new cord from Spotlight, then realised it was a bit too thick to feed through the binding. Then I had a light bulb moment....I'll just make a new one!I'd bought this Amy Butler fabric online not realising that it was home decor weight rather than quilting, so it was perfect for this little job. Just had to make some new binding from Kona Ash, which matched perfectly and voila! A gorgeous little ironing board cover.

Now off to make some blocks for the Vespa quilt so I have an excuse to use it....


  1. Crikey, you do that in an evening and I did....well nothing, really, except polish off 200 grams of dark chocolate!