Sunday, July 11, 2010

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Mr G was out the front doing some work on the storm water last weekend (yes, been here over 18mths and still haven't done the storm water properly. Poor dogs have had to learn to swim this winter!!) when I heard a car stop and voices. Peered out the window, didn't recognise the car but thought nothing of it as Mr G is the 'g'day guy' and complete strangers will often stop to talk.

When I went outside later and asked him what it was about, he told me that these 2 guys had pulled up and asked when we were demolishing our house as "it was the ugliest house in the suburb". (I think there may have been a few expletives thrown in for good measure.)

Now, not only was I gobsmacked that anyone would be so RUDE, I was also deeply offended that anyone could possibly think ours was the ugliest house.....I mean really, have they even LOOKED at all the nasty little units that have popped up in recent years??? Ugliest house....I don't think so!! Would love to know what they live in!

(Unless of course they were referring to the unfinished fences and yard - then they might have a point. It is a little Steptoe & Sons.....)

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  1. I tend to find that the people who like to yell out things from the relative safety of their cars are those least able to think coherently, behave intelligently or achieve anything remotely worthwhile.

    Or that's what I tell myself when some yobbo yells out 'LOSER' when I'm out picking up litter in the evenings.....