Saturday, July 17, 2010

Quilting Updates.....

  • Have been busy churning out blocks for Mr G's vespa quilt
which have turned into this

  • Ordered a gorgeous quilt label for my cousin's Wedding Quilt from a delightful lady on Etsy
Quilt front and's absolutely huge! Measures 81" square - the largest quilt I've tackled so far.
    • Stocked up on Kona solids when Pink Chalk recently had cheap international postage and am planning a scrappy string quilt, something along these lines
    • Fabric Shack are also having cheap international postage until July 31 so managed to snag some more Tufted Tweets.
      • Blue courtyard steps is basted and ready for the quilting process. 


      1. They are beautiful! Love the vespa one!

      2. I love love love Mr G's quilt. Maybe it's a good thing to be at the end of the line! And I love your new blog look!