Monday, June 28, 2010

What I did in June.

After 6 months of looking at diesel Hyundai i30's, I've bought a Honda Jazz! Snap decision but sometimes you just have to go with the flow. So far am very happy with it.

Painted the walls and then installed the old kitchen cupboards in the laundry. Laundry looks sooooo much better now although haven't found a home for everything just yet.The sink is in, and no leaks! Must take a finished photo though....

While I was painting, I figured I may as well paint the hallway too. And the feature wall in the lounge didn't take long either.  :-) Just have to work out which prints are going on this wall.

Went to see Shrek Forever After and Toy Story 3 - both in 3D. (I'm a bit over the whole 3D thing actually; didn't detract but neither did it really enhance either movie.) Both were good but Toy Story 3 was just lovely.....a fitting end to the franchise. And even though they have left it open for more movies, I really hope they leave it there. Loved, loved,  LOVED spanish Buzz!

It went together really quickly, but actually quilting the Wedding Quilt has been a slow process. I'm machine stitching the binding....think it will turn out ok. And now my thoughts have turning towards the next project - dog coats! But not quilted ones....

And naturally there has been the usual round of drama classes, Scouts, netball, maths tutoring etc etc etc.... School holidays start next week, and Miss R will be away for 4 days in the first week on a Scout camp (cold and wet, I imagine) and Mr G will be home with her the second week. Wonder what July will bring??


  1. Wow - love the colour of your feature wall (dare I say it reminds me of milk chocolate) and am mighty envious of the Jazz - it's one that we keep looking at too, but our dear old '96 Magna hasn't given up the ghost yet.

    Sapph and I have decided to give Shrek 4 a miss but are both really looking forward to seeing Toy Story 3 as we've been fans of the original two movies for years.

  2. Yes Kath, it is very chocolate-y, with a little hint of gold. But it's a mis-tint, so we'll never be able to match it.

    I'm sure you'll enjoy Toy Story 3...and Shrek 4 wasn't as bad as I was imagining it to be.