Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Today I'm going to tackle the study! Wish me Luck!

Over the last few weeks, whenever the house has to be tidied, everything that didn't have a "home" was dumped in the study. This is the view from the doorway - I'm lucky I can even get inside!! (Look very carefully and you'll see a doggie in the window.....my entourage goes everywhere with me.)

So today I'm going to tidy this mess up. The box in the foreground holds the Janome which will be listed on eBay. There's another box back there that has some clothes Miss R has outgrown that I'll also list. Other stuff has been held on to for a garage sale but I'm debating whether it will just get carted off to Salvos instead. And I know there's a box of Tupperware in there somewhere and it might just be time to get ruthless with that too - if it doesn't fit in the kitchen, then it doesn't fit into my life! LOL

We have too much stuff - sometimes I'm appalled by how much stuff we have! I *was* intending to go to Ikea today but then I'll only be tempted to buy more.....


  1. I wish you the very best of luck and a Lord of the Rings-sounding, "God's Speed, my good friend."

    Then would you like to come over and tackle ours?

  2. Thanks Kath, it looks marginally better but not much. Although 2 boxes will be heading off to Salvos next week, unless sold on eBay (auctions end tomorrow).

    Best I leave my de-cluttering career here; I think you'd be disappointed in my results.