Friday, January 14, 2011

Another Finished Creation

My first commisioned piece, in fact. Made for a workmate who has a new baby grand-daughter. I used this pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew and it was a breeze to make.

Look at that gorgeous blue sky!! Ignore the pegs on the line! LOL

A couple of blocks I particularly liked...

I'm also particularly happy with the free motion quilting. It was heaps of fun to do, but lordy, lordy, I hadn't realised just how much thread it uses!! The Bernina was well worth the money spent just for that (although I am still feeling some guilt over the cost of the new machine. Mum came through with a cheque for Xmas, but still, we could have bought a new couch for that money.)

I machine stitched the binding as usual, but had to go back over it in a few spots where it hadn't caught on the back. I cut this binding at 2.25" rather than 2.5" as I only j-u-s-t had enough but it meant there wasn't as much binding to 'play' with at the back. Overall though, I think it looks neater so I think I'll use the narrower binding again in the future.

Once again, the backing was from Ikea, pieced in the middle to make it wide enough.

Now I just have to work out what to charge her. I used a few scrap fabrics for the front, but with the fabric I did purchase + wadding + thread, it's around $100 already. I just don't feel I can justify charging for my time when I get so much enjoyment from the creating side. Still mulling that one over.

And now I'm starting on a project from this fantastic quilter and her book "The Practical Guide to Patchwork".


  1. Oooh er I've been trying about ten times to post a comment here and keep getting a cyber-wedgie (my end, not yours, in both senses of the word!) - all to say 'It's GORGEOUS!'

  2. Charging is a hard one. I did a commison of a Far Far Away quilt for Christmas - the fabric adn backing etc cost $130 - I chardged $150 but ended up with lots of nice scraps - so that I think is the bonus - buy new fabric for a commision and your payment ( other than the enjoyment) is all the left overs!!. Hope you can make it on Thursday