Sunday, October 3, 2010

Long Weekend

And it also coincides with Hard Rubbish collection in our council area. So the footpaths are full of dross (as Mr G refers to it) and the streets are full of cars with trailers, as people cruise around dredging through the rubbish looking perhaps??? I tell you, it's like a professional racket......the car pulls up, 2 men hop out and throw anything they deem worthy onto the growing pile in the trailer on the back. A part of me is happy - one man's trash and all that - but mostly I resent that most of the stuff ends up as scrap metal. Ideally, I'd like someone in need to take those bikes, not someone who is just going to strip them down. And I'd be MUCH happier if they didn't come trawling around at 4am!!!!

Not much left in our pile but I forget to take a photo yesterday.

And the baby quilt is now complete and all boxed up ready to give to the recipient. She doesn't start her maternity leave until November but I think I'll give it to her next week regardless. I hope she likes it; personally I think it's GORGEOUS.  :-)

I've cross hatched through the half square triangles and then "stippled" in the border. As the border is very geometric, I've stippled in straight lines using my walking foot, which looks very effective! The hearts fabric on the back is from Ikea and so cute. I've tried to make it gender-neutral, but unfortunately it is a little 'boyish' but I was influenced by the fact that she already has a boy. I really don't think it will matter if this one is a girl though.


  1. It's beautiful and still gender neutral - those designs would appeal to a girl or a boy.
    It certainly appeals to an almost-42 year old girl!

  2. I love this quilt! I'm also counting down the days till our hard rubbish day....14!