Sunday, October 31, 2010

Observations from a Dance Concert

Well another dance concert over and done with! Mr G had his 30yr school reunion last night so, while I initially intended to volunteer back stage again this year, I thought Miss R should have at least one family member in the audience, even though she was only doing tap this year, so only appeared twice.

So these are my observations from last night.....
  • I just don't get hip-hop. A bunch of 8-9yo girls posturing like they want to have a street fight is just wrong on so many levels.
  • It may well be as boring as bat shit, but the girls have worked hard for this all year so do you really need to play with  your iphone constantly?? And this was both parents....Dad I could perhaps understand but the mother as well? Just plain rude IMHO.
  • No way did it look like Miss T had had a baby just 4 weeks ago!
  • Dozens and dozens of raffle prizes but we didn't manage to win anything.....and yet 3-4 people won more than one prize??? How does that work?
  • How do they make the bras look backless? I could tell the older girls were wearing them, because I could see the clear strap over the shoulders, but nothing at the (low) back. I spent most of those dances trying to figure it out.
  • One little girl in the classical group was hilarious! She spent the whole dance pulling faces - but I don't think she was even aware that she was doing it. At first I thought she was yawning, then counting silently but I think that was how she was concentrating. Too funny!
So there you have it. I went thinking it was my last ever dance concert but on the way home, Miss R informed me that she wants to keep doing tap next year, and maybe pick up jazz again (if there is a Junior team; she struggled with Inters which is why she dropped it after first term). Oh joy!


  1. Sapphire never wanted to go to dance classes but one of her best friends in Adelaide did they were FIVE HOUR extravaganzas that included every grade and every class from 3-4 years to 17 year olds.

    Whilst I'd never have been rude to have played with an iPhone (or, in my case, my fingers) I will admit that it is very, very difficult to remain interested in dancing for that long!

  2. Oh Kath, I fully understand which is why I spent significant parts of last night composing this blog post and a shopping list. Then I reached a marvellous state of zen....until I couldn't ignore the pins & needles in my foot anymore.

    My sister & I did calisthenics for many years - I don't know how my father stayed sane.