Sunday, September 19, 2010


Can you hear my PC sneezing???

I discovered yesterday that both the older laptop and the desk top PC's have a virus.....but they've been infected by different things. I suspect they have come from Facebook somehow as that was the only site that Miss R went onto. Anyway, poor old Lappy was so badly infected that I had to remove everything and reload the Recovery Disk. I can't get the desktop completely clean though; it keeps being re-infected by a downloader called SillyDl EWW, plus a couple of other malaware nasties that CA picks up but can't seem to get rid of completely.

I will just have to throw myself onto the mercy of my guru brother. After 5 calls to him last night, I'm at a loss as to what more I can do. Now that Lappy is looking ok, I'm going through and changing all my passwords, just in case. I'm also really annoyed with myself as I bought a portable hard drive thingy weeks ago to do a complete back up but never got around to doing it. Guess it's only fitting I get a virus with the word "silly" in it.

So when transmission is back to normal, I'll upload photos of the finally finished Vespa quilt and the little baby quilt I'm busy making for a workmate.

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