Sunday, August 29, 2010


The other morning I was talking to Miss R while she was in the shower (probably along the lines of "hurry up! you've been in there long enough!!) when I happened to look up and spied this.....

It seems we have a leaky roof.

In other "uh-oh" news, Miss R's camera refuses to turn on, despite the battery being (supposedly) fully charged. But is it the camera or the battery that's the problem???

And in even more worrying "uh-oh" news, Mr G's mother is back in hospital in Qld. Has been for the last 2wks but didn't want to worry Mr G so we only found out last night. She has a wound on her back that refuses to heal, she's in the public system which doesn't seem to cater for quadraplegics, is dehydrated but not on a drip because "when she gets thirsty enough, she'll drink" and refuses to eat the hospital food. It doesn't sound good but not sure what we can do from here. It's difficult not having the full picture.

But to end on a positive note, yesterday Miss R hiked from the Torrens outlet at West Beach to the city wearing her new hiking boots and there were no blisters.  :-)

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  1. There's always something, isn't there?

    We've had a few 'battery-changing' incidents that seem to lead to killing off our appliances too - namely two itty bitty book lights, an iPod docking station and a camera.

    My thoughts are with you re Mrs G - maybe she is at the stage of having had enough.....?