Saturday, August 14, 2010

Don't ever stand behind me in the checkout queue

Because it doesn't matter which aisle I pick, it will be MY checkout that has the 16 price checks......or the paper roll will need to be changed on the till....or the person in front will have their card declined.....or the supervisor will need to clear the notes/top up the getting the picture??

Today the woman in front of me dropped a Glade scented candle on the floor, so the checkout girl decided to close the checkout while she called someone to sweep up the small amount of glass. When she looked at me and said I would have to move to another checkout, I KNOW that I audibly sighed and rolled my eyes, looking like an absolute uber-bitch. But it was an involuntary action....because this stuff happens to me ALL THE TIME. And I had already debated about which checkout line to join because all had a just one person with a similar amount in the trolley, but naturally by the time I was asked to move, every other checkout had another 4 people lined up.

I don't know quite what it is about me and the supermarket checkout but me and the planets are never quite aligned......


  1. I know exactly what you mean. That always happens to me as well....and when I'm driving I am always in the lane that goes slow. Even if I am sitting in a lane that is stopped and everyone is sailing past me....if I change into the fast lane it will suddenly stop and the original slow lane will be fast! I'm sure that it is my bad slow lane omen following me around!

  2. LOL, yes, sometimes I think it would be easier to just pull over for 10mins and start again!!

  3. But that's where - if you're not in a rush - you find some really good (and often very funny) character studies - in the checkout queue! :)