Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Wedding Quilt

I'm making a quilt for my cousin's wedding. I always think of her as a young person - I was a teenager when she was born; that makes her around 30 now so I guess she's officially an adult! Anyway, she's getting married in July so even though we're not invited to the wedding (in Sydney), I decided to make her a quilt in a desperate attempt to reduce my stash.I ask my mother to make gentle enquiries into the bride's fave colour and the response was green. Now you may recall that I made Mum a lovely green quilt for Xmas (which I'm happy to report she does actually use now that the weather is cooler) so I assumed that my green stash was sadly depleted and subsequently bought a few more bits and pieces when in Melb for the Quilt Convention. But when I actually checked my stash, I had HEAPS of green! LOL Isn't that always the way??

In the end, I decided on a palette of green, grey and black, and once I decided on a pattern, it came together surprisingly quickly.

I only started sewing it together last weekend, and last night I basted it ready to start quilting today.

I especially like the back....I've used an Ikea fabric with houses on it; the centre panel in the white colourway and the grey colourway around the edges. I thought this was appropriate given that the happy couple have just bought their first home together. I'm even going to sew a label onto this one.....something simple like their names and wedding date.

I've been procrastinating about getting started while I think about the 'how' of the quilting but now that Miss R is in bed, I'll go stitch the first rows.Hopefully there will be 'finished' photos soon.


  1. Kay that is beautiful. It is quite literally a work of art and I'm sure your cousin will absolutely adore it.

    ....however she might not use it, because it's too lovely to ruin or wear out...?

  2. Love the big squares Kay, really shows off the fabrics!