Monday, July 21, 2014

Busy Life

Things have been busy here. Miss R has had an after school activity every day for the first semester - Mon = dance/Gang Show rehearsals
Tues = mentoring for Autism SA
Wed = working (stock fill)
Thurs = Scouts
Fri = Tutor (although that is fortnightly)

So I've been busy dropping off and picking up and Miss R has been busy trying to keep up with the homework. Year 10 has stepped it up a notch and she has struggled to complete everything. Her report was really good - all B's and C's (and more B's than C's!) but it has taken its toll. She missed that last week of school completely as she had tonsillitis but she probably would have recovered more quickly if she hadn't been quite so exhausted.

But I have had time for some quilting. I basted 3 or 4 quilts over Easter and have been plugging away at them ever since. I also had a request for a baby quilt, plus my cousin is expecting Baby #2 and a work colleague had a baby at just 26 weeks. Thankfully baby quilts are relatively quick and easy!

 This one is for a work colleague. I made one for her just after I bought the Bernina 440QE and it was my first real attempt at stippling. This one is for the recipients sister who is expecting a baby any day now. Simple and bright squares, with a panel of 2 1/2" squares on the back. Love the bright orange binding. Hopefully will appeal no matter the sex.

This one is for the work colleague who had Baby Siena at 26 weeks. Fortunately she had been hospitalised for a few weeks prior so had had 3 or 4 steroid injections so little Siena is doing well. I used some pretty Tilda fabric that I bought at a quilt fair ages ago, then teamed it with some Valorie Wells fabric that also had pretty little birds on it to keep the theme going. Pretty but muted colouring and the Spotlight fabric I used for the border picks up the colours in the blocks. Backed with my favourite Ikea hearts fabric - so perfect for any baby quilt!

I have a couple of other finishes which I'll blog about soon. I'm making quilts for a few of Miss R's teachers, so will blog them all once completed.


  1. Beautiful...both the giving and the creations!

  2. I think my favourite is Siena's quilt - its so adorable!

    1. I agree....was a little hard to give away actually....