Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Scrappy Squares for SIL

Since I started quilting, I have made a quilt for someone in my family for Christmas.

First was my mum: (What! I don't have a photo of this!!)

The next year was my sister:

My auntie came next:

Then SIL #1:

And Christmas 2013 was SIL #2:

We came to an arrangement when the cousins were quite small that we would only buy for the kids, not the adults, so I wouldn't normally gift anything to my SIL. But Mum was worried that she would feel left out so asked me to make one for her and I was happy to oblige. Really like the way this turned out, front and back. I rarely buy large quantities of a fabric but if I see a large scale print I like, will buy a couple of metres for backs. This one was an "end of bolt" special at Spotlight and the colours blend really well with the scrappy blocks.

And while my SIL was surprised to get a parcel, she did seem to like the contents. :)

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