Friday, May 10, 2013

Finally! A finish for 2013!

It's been a long time between posts because I haven't had anything worth showing off. But I've finally finished 2 quilts that have taken a loooong time. They've actually been finished for a few weeks but I haven't had the right conditions to take photos.

I've made these quilts as a huge THANK YOU for 2 teachers Miss R had last year that really understood her and her learning needs. Miss R has struggled with understanding numbers and maths concepts from the very beginning. We've spent a small fortune on Maths tutors since about Year 3, with marginal success. She just didn't GET it. Times tables were a huge struggle and even simple addition and subtraction were tricky (and still are sometimes). She would get it at the time but couldn't seem to retain it for the next time.....very frustrating. She had a really good teacher in Year 7 that made numbers fun (and relevant) and she slowly started to grasp these concepts. But last year - WOW! It was like the penny finally dropped, the blinkers fell off, she had the lightbulb moment....think of a cliche and it add it here. She improved enormously, to the point where she is doing NAPLAN this year without a qualm. (She may not be up to standard but the important thing here is SHE THINKS SHE CAN DO IT. Two years ago she was just too anxious to even try.)

So here's a numeracy themed quilt for Ms S....with my eternal gratitude. I just hopes she gets her as a Maths teacher again in the Senior School.

Black, red & grey

even the back has a numeracy theme

The other quilt is for her Science teacher. Ms M is an absolute sweetheart who appears to be rather stern initially but is so caring. I absolutely hope that she is in her Care Group for Year 12. She understood Miss R's learning needs completely and would break down tasks into manageable chunks so that R could organise herself and (most importantly) achieve. She would email me almost every week so I knew where/what/why Miss R was doing and add my own gentle reminders. (And no, that wasn't always received graciously.) Again, R is so much more confident this year because of the excellent work Ms M did last year. So this beautiful specimen is for her.....I particularly like the back although you can see that I didn't centre it very well.

Very happy with how both these turned out. It's Learning Reviews next week so we'll be taking that opportunity to deliver them, with thanks.

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