Thursday, May 16, 2013

Baby Quilt for Willow

Yes, the finishes are coming thick & fast at the moment!

This one is for my cousin who became Dad to baby Willow about a month ago.

Started with 5" squares, added a couple of borders (I like the picture frame effect) and used another Ikea print on the back. The binding is from Prints Charming at Spotlight but I was a little disappointed with the quality. Perfectly fine for binding though!

Now on to my next project......some scrappy string quilt squares, me thinks!


  1. Kay the prints Charming is promoted as dress making fabric and I agree is not as solid as proper quilting fabric - but I think the colors and patterns make yup for it....

  2. Wasn't so much that it was a thinner cotton, more the bits that were unusable as the ink had run, or there was a hole(!) Easy enough to cut around it for binding but would have been peeved if I wanted to cut large pieces - as you would for dressmaking. Just thought there could have been a little more quality control....but I might have just been unlucky with that bit. Haven't checked the other colours I bought at the same time.