Tuesday, December 11, 2012


The Swoon quilt is finally finished. I can't remember exactly when I started the blocks, but I'm thinking it must have been January 2012 as I was aiming for a birthday in March.

Completely missed that deadline so I aimed for Christmas, but it kept getting put aside for other, more urgent finishes.

Finally started quilting it in about late September/early October, didn't touch it for days at a time as it was just so large! I was making really good progress when I discovered some puckering in the back.....unpicked the section I thought was necessary but then realised the puckering was far worse than I had first noticed. Knew that I would never be happy with it so over several days I unpicked a huge area and started again.

I have perfected the art of procrastination with this quilt but it is finally, finally DONE. Stitched the last of the binding last night (after having to unpick half because I was unhappy with it) and think I will change the way I machine stitch the binding from now on.

The recipient has been hinting for a quilt for a long, long time so I hope she will love it! Me, I'm sick of the sight of it! LOL

Thanks to my model for holding it up for photos....her arms weren't quite long enough. Note to self: must go measure to see how big this baby really is!

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  1. Beautiful work - not surprised that the lucky recipient has been dropping hints