Wednesday, November 7, 2012

To Blog or Not to Blog?

That really is the question.

You may have noticed that all my pics disappeared off my blog. At first I thought I'd been hacked or something sinister but after a few days/weeks of pondering I realised that it was because technology is much cleverer than I. Earlier this year I bought a new smartphone....a Samsung Galaxy Nexus S which is a Google phone. Which means it integrates all things Google. Which means that the photos I place on my blog are also saved into a file on my Google account....which also appears on my phone. But I didn't want this file taking up space on my phone so I deleted it....which subsequently deleted all the photos on my blog. Actually, I'm not sure if that makes technology smarter than me or a bit too Big Brother-ish.......

Anyway, after my photos all disappeared, I got terribly disheartened and couldn't be bothered putting them all back on. And now I'm pondering if I want to seems to make my finished quilting projects more "real" if I've blogged about them. Especially when I've given them away and may never see them least I can revisit them here. But I'm always so time poor; blogging just seems that extra "thing" I have to do.

Still debating.


  1. Don't give up - we all still love your blog ..... hope you are coming tonight?

  2. I think if you feel like blogging is a chore or its creating stress because you don't have time then you could take some time to step back and see if you miss it when you don't do it. You can always come back if you decide you want to.

  3. I agree with Shay. It's lovely to look back on and even though we're 'only around the corner' I like seeing what you're up to!