Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Quilts have been gifted

Just an update - Miss R gave the quilts to her teachers a few weeks ago, just before exams started.

Ms D (the English teacher) cried and said she'd never been given a gift from a student before. That made me cry.

Ms S (the SSO) said it was the most beautiful gift she had ever been given and wrote me a lovely thank you note.

Ms P (the Care Group/PLP/History teacher) said it was lovely and that teaching R and seeing her develop was the only reward necessary. I don't think she really 'got' it....but she's only young. Quilts probably seem very boring to her (and she called it a RUG!!). I will forgive her.

Now we are on school holiday time. I am so thankful that Miss R is of an age where she can catch buses to get her to where she wants/needs to be as I am working longer hours (and most weekends) as it is very, very busy at work and I'm not getting my planned time off. At least it is paid overtime, so my bank balance is happy. :)

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