Monday, June 11, 2012

Some Recent Finishes

There hasn't been a lot of stitchery happening around here lately but I have managed to get a couple of WIP's finished.

Firstly, a baby quilt for my niece.

I am a little worried about this one as I didn't prewash the reds. I don't usually bother prewashing and have never had a problem with colour running but these fabrics were from Spotlight and I'm not quite as confident that they won't run. Not sure if I should try 'setting' the colours before I hand it over.

Secondly, the Port Power scrappy for a gorgeous Aunt and ex-neighbour.

I particularly love the scrappy back.

I've done these scrappy string blocks as backs on a couple of quilts now and just love them! Once I've built up some new scraps I'll be adding to the collection.

And finally a glimpse of the quilt I'm currently quilting. I'm about 2/3rds of the way through so should be finished by the weekend. Although I haven't picked binding yet.

Next on the agenda are 2 WIP's that I need to baste and quilt, but I think I might start something new first. I find I get very sore shoulders if I spend too long quilting, so think I need to have a break before I start the next one.

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