Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I had typed a huge post.....accidentally deleted it and am now too tired to try to recreate it.

I'll try again later but here's a potted history:
  1. Easter
  2. School holidays
  3. Plumbing disaster at holiday house
  4. AQC in Melbourne - fly over for the day
  5. Fly back to Melbourne 2 days later for One Direction concert
  6. Get a text message while at Adel Airport to fly out that Mum has been hospitalised
  7. Mum thankfully is ok

I'll be back hopefully tomorrow with more details.  :-)


  1. Crikey! That's one helluva dot point list!

    Sapphire would be rather jealous of the One Direction concert - her first real 'crush' methinks.....

  2. Seems like you've spent a lot of time on planes. Glad to hear your Mum is OK .

    Dont you hate it when Blogger eats one of your efforts at literary genius?