Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pile O'Crap

Since we need to furnish an entire holiday house as cheaply as possible without lowering our standards, we have, naturally, turned to eBay. So far we've managed to pick up a TV stand, chest of drawers and outdoor setting. The last 2 we bought from a storage company in Port Adelaide that were selling off a defaulter's storage cubicle to recoup their costs. We've been watching their new auctions over a few weeks and are kicking ourselves that we didn't bid on the washing machine and fridge but that's another story. Anyway, the last lot they had up for auction was assorted junk - was difficult to tell exactly what was in it but there was a sound system and some kitchen stuff that we thought would be useful so decided to bid if we could get it for a song. (There was also some gaming stuff that we thought we could re-sell.) Ended up paying $56 and Mr G went down to collect it last week on his day off.

Well. This would have to be the best $56 ever spent.

We're still sifting through the stuff and a lot we'll throw away or give to the Salvos, but so far we've salvaged:
  • a 4 piece dinner setting identical to one we already own, so now it's an 8 piece
  • a small rice cooker
  • an electric frypan
  • a small deep fryer
  • assorted Tupperware
  • Sony bedside clock
  • various kitchen utensils - beater/whisk/potato peeler etc
  • Breville toaster
  • stab mixer
 And all in excellent condition.



  1. Well done! I think a few people went away from our garage sale last weekend feeling pretty happy (as I did; knowing that our stuff was going to some good homes and was clearly going to be appreciated) and ebay this week. Am currently goofing off in blogland as I wait for the people to come and collect the white goods; double bed; dining setting; book cases etc etc.

  2. what a pity you weren't closer Kath....all your stuff could have ended up in Victor.... :-)
    Hope the move goes well; look forward to hearing of your adventures in Geneva.