Saturday, February 26, 2011


Miss R and I went to Melbourne early in Feb just for an overnighter. It was her birthday surprise.....we also had tickets to see Mary Poppins. I'm not a huge fan of the movie, but Miss R has seen it repeatedly, so I thought she'd be ecstatic about it, but her whole reaction was very low key. I think she was fighting the disappointment of NOT getting an iPhone. (Hint: Miss R will get an iPhone when SHE can afford to buy one.)

Anyway, we were on an early flight out on Sun am - which coincided with Chinese New Year - and a late flight back on Mon. We actually had a great time (I was a little worried that we'd be snapping at each other....she is a TEENAGER after all....and we all know how moody THEY are!) and I cannot rave enough about Mary Poppins. It was absolutely brilliant and I loved every minute of it. I'll definitely be seeing it again if it ever gets to Adelaide.

We also checked out the ACMI exhibition on Disney films and did some shopping. Miss R had plenty of birthday money to spend, and spend she did! I had to laugh though - the 80's is definitely being revisited. Everything she picked up, I thought was terrible (the first time around!!) and she turned her nose up at everything I suggested. She LOVES anything sparkly, glittery or with shoe string straps.....not always that practical for winter! (The words "pole" and "dancer" also spring to mind.)  Her best - and most expensive - buy came from Sportsgirl....a pair of black pants that make me sing "can't touch this" every time she wears them....which has been a LOT. So regardless of what I may think, they've been value for money on a cost-per-wear basis.

But there was just a couple of things that really annoyed me about Melbourne though.......does nobody understand the whole 'keep to the left' rule on footpaths???? I was constantly dodging people walking straight towards me....didn't seem to matter where I was walking, they were too.  And why are cyclists allowed to ride on footpaths??? Bad enough dodging the pedestrians without throwing a cyclist into the mix!

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    1. I took Sapph to the Disney exhibition as well. Neither of us have ever been huge fans of their movies but were so inspired afterwards that we went to see 'Tangled' !