Friday, April 16, 2010

Has it really been over a month since I last posted?

I dream of posting twice in the same month!!

Excuse the dot points; I have composed many a blog post in my head but never got any further. I hope to elaborate further at some future date.

  • The courthouse steps quilt top has been put together. I had planned to add a border using leftover strips, but as some fabrics were fat quarters, I don't actually have any leftovers. So still debating whether it needs the border or not.

  • Bought some fat quarters in blue tones from Spotlight to make pinwheel blocks for the back as I didn't have enough in my stash. The quality of fat quarters from Spotlight really is appalling.....
  • Have been having a few health issues and am now on medication for high blood pressure. The headaches seem to have eased as a result.
  • Am seeing a dietitian later today as my sugar & cholesterol levels are too high and I'm on the slippery slope to diabetes. No surprises there; you can't fight your family history. Will have to keep a food diary for the next 2 weeks though; what fun!
  • Easter seems an age ago, but finally got the pin up board and cupboard mounted in the study. Still need to find a home for a few things, but it's looking pretty good now.
  • Had a garage sale and cleared a heap of furniture. 
  • Miss R is now a confident bike rider and is eager to ride around the block as often as possible. We're wedged in between 3 major roads though, so a limit to how far she can ride unsupervised.
  • Have bit the bullet and replaced part of the kitchen with glossy red from Ikea. Had a little drama with wall tile removal though, which ended up in gyprock removal, so it's not yet finished. Here's a teaser......the rest of the cupboards are glossy red drawers and they look fantastic!

  • Last day of school holidays today. Miss R is happy because Term 2 means winter uniform and for some reason, she's really looking forward to that. Yep, strange child.....

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  1. Kay, I love the courthouse steps quilt....and the study ....and the kitchen....!