Friday, February 26, 2010

On the lookout for a new car

And yes, I'm aware that I've only had this one a little over 12mths. Don't worry, I'll hear all about it from my mother!

I drive a 2008 Ford Focus TDCI. We wanted a diesel for fuel economy but also needed a car big enough to be a family car without going too big. The Focus has a large boot, which was a definite plus with all the stuff I have to carry home from the hardware store. I was dubious about buying a Ford, but couldn't afford the Hyundai i30, which was my preference. As this one was ex-Ford owned from new and was still well within the warranty, we figured it was ok.

Now, on the plus side, the fuel economy, while not as good as they say, is pretty good. I regularly get over 800km to a tank, and when we drove to Wollongong, easily got over 900km. The boot, as I said, is rather capacious. The 6 speed turbo diesel is lovely to drive. And it's red, so it goes faster.

On the negative side, I seem to have been at the mechanics an awful lot lately for stupid little things, fixed under warranty (except for the smashed side mirror; my fault entirely) but still, it makes me think that I DO NOT want this car once the warranty runs out sometime in 2011.

I can probably afford the i30 now but the changeover would still be the cost of a new Ikea kitchen. And I'd rather have the new Ikea kitchen. But I have a funny feeling that out of warranty, this car will end up costing me a lot, lot more than an Ikea kitchen.

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