Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Weekend Away

Mr G and I went away for the weekend while Miss R went to stay with the lovely Theresa.

We were on the 6.50am flight out of Adelaide on Sat am and the 6.20am flight out of Melbourne on Mon am, so an early start both days but everything went smoothly and we didn't miss our flights - which was my biggest fear. I'm not really a morning person.

We didn't do a lot, as dh has still not fully recovered from his broken rib & shoulder. (In fact, he only went back to work today.) So we had to head back to the hotel each afternoon for a little nap. But we did manage to check out the Sunday markets and do a little Christmas shopping.We stayed at the Stamford Plaza which was very nice and I'd happily stay there again.

But the weirdest thing?? I left Mr G to have a nap on the Sat afternoon while I ducked into the Mall to find some hair care product. There is only one store in Aust that stocks it and it happens to be in Melbourne, so off I toddled only to find that they are no longer stocking it, so all stock was 50% off. So I bought the last 3 bottles - bargain! - and was hurtling through Myer to get back to the hotel when I heard someone calling my name. I ignored it - who would *I* know in Melb??? - but turned when it became more insistent and there was an old friend that I hadn't seen in about 5 years. And yes, he lives in Adelaide and was over in Melb staying with his sister! How bizarre was that?

And as no post is complete without a photo, I'll just leave you with a shot of Mr G. :-)


  1. Is that Mr G with broken shoulder and rib (hence 1 arm down)? Tee hee!

  2. Tee hee - I laughed out loud at the internet counter in the newsagent in Gympie Tce adn the man next to me clearly wanted to see what i was laughing about - don't hyou just love blogging!!!glad to hear you had such a nice time