Monday, October 19, 2009

Sorry, whiny post coming up

My dh has had a slight mishap and has broken a rib and his shoulder blade.

Needless to say, he is a poor patient and I am a terrible nurse. Two weeks off work and he's going to be unbearable.....he's almost unbearable already!!

Of course, he had to do it this week - the week that I have to get the car back to the mechanics (looks like the turbo has to be replaced...under warranty thank goodness!), Miss R starts her social skills group, has 2 dress rehearsals and a dance concert in which I'm supposed to be helping backstage, a visit to the GP for her and for dh, plus drama and Scouts (I think we're giving Scouts a miss.....) And to top it off, the vet rang today to remind me that the dog is supposed to go back for review this week (he had an abscess and was on antibiotics) .....I just laughed (before I cried) and said I'd see him next week, thank you very much.

And did I mention that someone tried to use my credit card last week to buy concert tickets in Sweden?? So the cards had to be cancelled - new ones turned up on Friday, but I don't have a PIN for it yet and so can't access the ATM. Oh well, at least we know that The Falcon a phone call from NAB within minutes of the transaction going through, so they were able to reverse it but I'm still puzzling over how my details were stolen. Guess I'll never know....

Hope next week is better. :-)


  1. What a week! I hope next week is so much better for you. Scary credit card news :(

  2. Thanks Rhubarb, I'm not thinking past Sat at this stage. I figure dh can catch buses next week if he needs to get anywhere.

    Still racking my brain trying to decide if I'd bought anything from any dodgy sites lately, but can't think of anything. Do you think it's a coincidence that I was at Ikea just 2 days before someone tried to buy concert tickets in Sweden?????

  3. Breathe in....and now out....! If I didn't know this was real, I'd say you made it up!
    Dare I ask if you're coming to S&S's if you're giving Scouts a miss? :-)

  4. No S&S's for me for the next couple of weeks - well maybe next week if I can swing it - as I'm selfishly taking the night off to RELAX.

    Apparently I'm also supposed to be feeding my sister's cat while she is away....dh didn't bother to mention to her that I DON'T HAVE TIME!!!