Saturday, August 29, 2009

How I love the Internet

Not much quilting has been happening this week. Mon & Tues I threw together a costume for Book Week Parade for Miss R and since then I've had the a bit of a cold....not enough to keep me home from work, but enough to have my head hitting the pillow by 8.30 each night. I seem to be having it in stages - last week was the constant headache, this week the sore throat and cough, so I guess next week will be the congestion and constant nose blowing!

So it was nice to check the PO Box on Wednesday and find a heap of parcels. Some Heather Ross I bought on Etsy and eBay and some gorgeous Alexander Henry, Kokka and Heather Ross from The Fabric Shack. I love that I can buy such lovely things from the comfort of my own home. Now I just have to transform these gorgeous fabrics into equally gorgeous quilts.


  1. Love love love that pink campervan! Problem is the HR's are too lovely to cut up!!

  2. And I've just seen you've got some gold fish in a bag. That is pure gold! I am SO envious. How did you manage it?

  3. Whoops, should have hidden that one weren't supposed to see it!

    Have you taken a look at Etsy? There are some gems hidden there, although amazing what some people are asking for a mere fat quarter of HR!

  4. Joe said it's not's as rare as rocking horse doo doo's. Maybe I'll hold onto some of my stuff for the future. At this rate, I reckon my HR stash is going to appreciate quicker than my superannuation.